June 28, 2017

Big Announcement

Most of my products have been moved to a brick and mortar store in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, named The Findery.  

Bell Buckle, TN, is a GREAT place to come spend a day

and shop in all the shops, especially The Findery!!!!!

Some of my "categories" are empty right now since I have around 50 items at The Findery.  I will work on replenishing my supply.

Please contact me if a category is empty and you'd like to order something from there.  I can always work on a custom job for you. caroldbeasley@gmail.com is the best way to contact me quickly.

On this page you will see products that are for sale. 

They have been completed and are ready to ship.

Your credit card payment will be processed through SQUARE. 

You will receive a digital receipt, and I'll ship your item.

Please let me know if you have any problems with this process.

Happy Shopping!!

Color is everything when choosing an accessory.

You've Arrived at the Shop!

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