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I would love to see lots of people enjoying my products in a creative way.  I want my purses to bring joy to others.  Surely you've bought many bags over the years that were simply utilitarian.  Nothing wrong with that.  But when the perfect combination comes along...it's your favorite color, it holds what you want it to hold, it has plenty of pockets to allow you to find your important things quickly and it's so pretty....your heart soars!


Truly each thing I make is unique.  It might look a bit like something else, but the pocket might be a different color, or the interior pockets might be configured differently, or the straps might be a different length or color.  Since I am not a perfect person, nor a perfect "creator," that also lends itself to having each item I make be slightly different.


I've been sewing things I could wear or use since I was about eight years old.  That's around 50+ years ago now.  My degree is a BS in Home Economics Education.  I was a Home Economics teacher for 13 years. 


Sewing is my favorite thing to do at this time of my life.  If I'm not sewing, I'm hurrying to finish my other tasks so I can get back to sewing.  I'm good at the design process, the selection of colors for the project, and the technical process of sewing the purse/bag/insert/case together in a way that is attractive and sturdy. 

More About Me

If you'd like to know more about me, here goes:  I grew up in Rangerville, TX, (waaaaay south Texas) the daughter of a farmer and a teacher, within sight of my paternal grandparents and about 15 miles from my maternal grandparents.  I have a brother just older than me (Mark) and one ten years younger (Miller).  I was taught to love and revere God and His teachings, to love and respect all people, to value family ties, and to work for what was important. 

I met my husband when we were seventh graders, dated as sophomores, then again as seniors in high school, and married in November after our high school graduation in May.  He spent 23 years in the US Air Force with me by his side.  We have two adult children:  Jason and Dixie.  As a married couple we lived in Ft. Worth and San Antonio, TX, then Frankfurt, Germany; Grand Forks, North Dakota; Omaha, Nebraska; back to San Antonio; Ridgeland, Mississippi; and now College Grove, Tennessee.  Rather than go where the USAF sends us, we are now following our Grandkids, Isaac, Ethan and Jaylie.

My career included teaching home economics for 13 years, a couple of years in the medical field as a Certified Medical Assistant, and a couple of years in veterinary hospitals as a receptionist.  I did other various odd jobs early in our marriage.  I've always been a "home body" at heart and I'm so lucky I don't have to leave home everyday to go to a job.  Working at home suits me.