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Introduction to CAAC

HOW is it "All About Color" you may ask. 

Why did I name my business "Carol's All About Color?"....because color is important.  In real estate you hear that the three most important things about finding a house you like are LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.  I find a similar thing is true about the color of accessories and many other items.  If it's not the right color, I can't use it.  "Oh, I love this style, but it won't go with anything I wear."  Does this sound familiar?  So it really is ALL ABOUT COLOR.  I hope the styles I construct AND the colors I use will go with things you wear.

About the Shop

Right now I am focusing on making purses of various sizes and styles, including concealed carry purses and tote bags.  I also make lots of small mini-bags for your phone and a card or cash, and tablet (iPad, etc.) covers. 

At times I also make purse inserts (QUITE a handy item!!), bedspreads, and dog stuff (training) bags.  I'm not doing those currently, but will probably get back to those later.

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